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Three Score at the Station selected for screening at 2018 Cinedans in Amsterdam. Watch on YouTube
New Recipe
Recipe for Success
NEW e.learning version. Classroom or self-study.  Info and trailer
Our classic introduction to people management. Rick Stein shares what he has learned from his business - a 'bottom up ' jargon-free demonstration of what it takes to motivate and lead a team. 
'I hated delegating.  I hated giving other people jobs. Nobody could cook like me. I was even retentive about things like PAYE!’ (Rick Stein)
Dish of the Day
The Leadership / Management Mix
What makes a good manager? What makes a good leader? What's the best mix of management and leadership for your job?
“It's a tough choice. Both are strong candidates...

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Management Development Library
A package of six core subject titles now also as e.learning. More info
Take Away
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Latest titles:
Three Score Dance performing an inter-generational piece commissioned for the Brighton Festival. Watch on YouTube
Realising Potential
The Self Managed Learning College in Brighton provides an alternative educational experience for young people with inspirational results. Watch on YouTube